Nicola Sutcliffe

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About Me

Established in 1990 by designer Nicola Sutcliffe, my journey in the world of fashion began in the vibrant setting of Manchester Craft and Design Centre, nestled in the heart of the Northern Quarter. I embarked on this creative endeavour with a background in Fashion Design, earning a First Class Honours degree from Liverpool John Moores University in the 1980s. Throughout my career, I’ve achieved recognition, including being a Finalist in the Smirnoff Fashion Designer of the Year competition and featuring in esteemed publications such as ID Magazine, Style Magazine, and National Student.

What we do

At our core, we are a slow fashion brand, based in the picturesque landscapes of West Yorkshire. We take pride in crafting garments that transcend time, each piece exuding vintage-inspired elegance and bearing the distinction of being a limited edition.

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. We meticulously hand-finish each item, using short runs of exquisite natural fabrics, including luxurious wools, intricate tweeds, delicate silks, and soft cottons. These materials are carefully sourced from esteemed UK mills and trusted suppliers, all rooted in the scenic regions of Yorkshire, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland.

We offer a bespoke service, allowing our designs to be tailored to your unique preferences. Our mission is to create fashion that not only makes a statement but also aligns with our values of craftsmanship, sustainability, and timeless style.